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Our History


1995 :

Creation of the company Assistance Flexible which will become then Flex' Cible, team of 3 persons and only 1 intervention van.

1996 :

Arrival on our first installation site in Carquefou. Constitution of a team of 6 people. We have then 4 response vehicles (Nantes, Saint-Nazaire, Rennes and Angers).

1997 :

Development of the company with the creation of a sales department, the Technical service and the Training department.

1998 :

16 French counties covered by 26 persons. The company becomes leader in France of the emergency on-site hydraulic hose repairs.

1999 :

Development of mobile IT solutions for the management of our interventions

2000 :

71 intervention vans and 3 000 customers

2001 :

100 intervention units, more than 6500 customers - 45 000 jobs in France - set up of CHRONO Flex in Martinique (French Overseas Territory) with two mobile workshops.

2002 :

Flex'Cible becomes CHRONO Flex

2003 :

170 employees, 1 van in Guadeloupe.

2004 :

Launch of the 3rd van in Martinique.

2005 :

160 intervention vans, 230 employees, launch of the MIR (Fast Intervention Motorcycle) on the Paris region, birth of the ‘contract service’ in France, a 2nd van in Guadeloupe, internationalization of CHRONO Flex in Spain and in Switzerland.

2006 :

10 years anniversary, 280 technicians, confirmation of its leading position in France, launching of the Risk and Safety Diagnose, launch of the 200th intervention van and presence in Italy.

2007 :

225 intervention vans, 100 000 jobs in France and abroad , 300 persons, launch of Sweden and of La Reunion island (French island).

2008 :

Reorganization of the capital and creation of Inov-On Group

2009 :

Economic recesion. 180 intervention vans, 220 employees, 75000 interventions (65 000 in France), 10 000 customers, opening of Belgium and re-start of the Swedish activity.

2010 :

One year of stabilization and reconstruction. Launch of our new embarked IT tool: the communicating PDA. Opening of Guyana.

2011 :

Launch of our intervention van. Environmental actions: calculation of the carbon footprint (volume of Co ²) for all our jobs (integration on our intervention reports).

2012 :

Set up of CHRONO Flex in the french oversea department of Mayotte with one van.

2013 :

Take our customers to the end of the world...